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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 26, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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stadium. students painted the midfield logo on the 45 yard line. it is five yards short. steve doocy here. >> brian: it makes me think of steve . it is so easy. favorite. favorite child. >> steve: favorite child and lawyer . >> "fox and friends" starts right now. >> gretchen: really. good morning, everyone. today is wednesday, you made it to the middle of the week. i am gretchen carlson, thanks for sharing your time. the president comes out strong for free speech. >> as president of our country and commander-in-chief of our military i accept that people will call me awful things every day. and i will always defend their
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right to do so. >> gretchen: because he has to deal with it. we'll explain. >> steve: new outrage over the attacks in the middle east. the white house blames the movie. but this time powerful members of congress are fighting back. we'll tell you who. >> brian: a bad call in seattle. what kind of call that got them fired from linger football? details on that . offers are rolling in and talks and commissioner is directly involved. "fox and friends", starts right now. ♪ "fox and friends". it is finally here. ahmadinejad gets to speak today. i have a reason to life. >> gretchen: did someone realize this is the holiest day for the jews.
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i mean, come on. he said he want to wipe them off of the face of the planet and other day eliminate them . now speak blasphemy on yom kippur. >> brian: he will call for a new world order. he was shooting missiles and had his people shooting missile . according to them they did a good job at sinking their battle ship in minute. there is good news with ahmadinejad. this will be his last time in the podium in the united nations general assembly. he is leaving the presidency of iran. >> steve: she gave us the peace sign and we give half back. >> not only will he be speaking today . but yesterday president obama had spoke. he did come to the podium this
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is an annual event. one . things he focused on. he didn't say the word terror in regard to libya. but talked about the freedom of speech right we have in this counselry. >> i know some who ask, why don't we ban such a video. the answer is enshrined in our laws . our constitution protects the right to free speech. here in the united states, countless publicications provoke offense. like me, the majorit of the merrence are christian and yet we don't ban blasphemy on our sacred beliefs. as president of our country and commander of chief of our military i accept people call me awful things every day. and i will always defend their right to do so. >> steve: if the president continues to talk about freedom of speech we have in this
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country, that's true. but why the dumb movie? he kept referring to the movie as the cause of the movie. the administration said it is nootnot true. >> gretchen: i can think of countless other examples of freedom of speech . maybe he shouldn't have chosen himself of people speaking poorly approximate him. is that a plan because of the election? some people say yes including newt gingrich. >> hillary clinton is a serious problem. and barack obama is ambitious person. they are different. hillary clinton gets up every day thinking of public policy. barack obama gets up every day thinking about bark obama . very different approaches to life. i think those of us who are critics need to understand this is who is president.
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this is a man who in the age of false celebrity hood is a perfect president because he is a false president. he doesn't do the job. he said 39 percent of the briefings and intelligence, he goes to las vegas while there is an attack going on in benghazi. >> if you watch the president you notice he saw the foreign service that chris stevens our ambassador who murdered provided to the united nations and united states as well he talked glowingly of mr. stevens. it is odd that the day he was murdered mr. obama did the fund raising event on the day of the murder. >> brian: i thought it was interesting he said he was a christian and that was news to
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madonna who called him a black muslim. we are not sure. the speech was direct and half to the domestic audience and half to the world and meandering and like his speeches could be 10 minutes shorter. >> gretchen: is that politicians in general. >> brian: i thought mitt romney at the clinton initiative was more direct and offered a solution. we should linkk our foreign aid to the behavior of the countries many of which blow up our embassies. >> gretchen: if you are strat jizing for obama you coast until the election because he is ahead in the polls. that's what they tell somebody. for mitt romney, you got to point out solution and point out the differences and especially in the debates and so that people will say what you stand
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for. they like president obama and they don't know as much about mitt romney. >> steve: they know one thing about president obama and that was brought to like by a friend of this program in the washington post. after our attack in the consulate in libya that the president was not attending the presidential briefings. he missed over half of them. surprise, every since the attack on the consulate, he went to sevenin a row which is a record for a number of months and lawmakers on capitol hill are disturbed by the statements put out by the ambassador to the united states or from the united states to the united nations susan rice and the others in the administration. it sounded lining it could not possibly be a terror attack and now we know it was. >> brian: senators are not
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giving up the details of the briefings. they have a problem with what they are hearing in public and know to be facts in private. here is a letter. we are disturbed by the public administration by members that it was a protest gone wrong rather than a terrorist attack. on the 11 year anniversary was september 11th. there is a series of events that led to attacks on 9/11 they had a well planned attack against the u.s. again . you don't admit they will not stop. >> steve: they want answers. >> gretchen: did the president start attending the intelemeetings because of benghazi or happened in libya or someone wrote an arcticle that he was not attending and suddenly he started to attend.
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>> brian: the day before the attacks on 9-leb e 10. the president marked the concern and sent warning out? >> steve: in fact the washington post fact checker took them to task and said he's wrong. the president might have attended less than half, but he reads them every day. he went to the pages of the washington post and gave the fact checker four pinonchios. >> gretchen: the president will speak to crowds in bowling green state university and penn state. as for mitt romney he will get a boost from jack nicholas in a rally in columbus and he wasted no time letting people know that the status quo hasn't worked. >> we have an ambassador
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assassinate 20,000 people killed in syria and muslimhood leader be the new president of egypt and iran is moving closer to closer to nuclear weapon. we don't have a president to call these pumps - bumps in the role. >> president obama is ahead in ohio state. >> trading jabs in the united nations. the u.s. in the area with 20 ships. they are on a practice to keep the water ways free from mines. iran test fired four missiles in the stateof her mos. twisters left a mess of damage and blew this semion its side. trees were uprated and barns were demolished.
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>> it started mouring down rain and haling . it is a mess. >> that car got the window busted out. and barn was hit. >> gretchen: people in colorado skipping right to wintertime. oh, my goodness. snow falling in the mountains and ski areas got several inches. a greenbay tv station mocking the refs by putting a mocking weather guy. >> it looks like it might be back people . 200 degrees below. people and going to heat up 346 degrees. by noon. >> get out of here. what is going on? >> gretchen: he's driven off by
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the real meteorologist. >> brian: the commissioner will be in meetings and so maybe they want to get something done. there is exposure and something we will expose on "fox and friends". >> gretchen: that is an apt word. >> brian: that is not true . we did help launch the league and two referees in this league that were killed out of a lingerie league because they were not up to the lingerie standarpeds-- on standards. >> steve: o say can you see. turns out in greenbay, a lasik is offering any of the refs over. come on over. free eye sight test. >> gretchen: talk about leverage. >> steve: they are only three million apart? >> gretchen: new polls show that
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the president is pulling ahead in key swing states. here is a story you will not see on the other networkings >> brian: and a story from the stupid criminal file next. ♪ ♪ one way or the other i am going to find you. ♪ one way or the other i am going to -- as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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"x" marks the spot she'll never sit. but i bought a dress! a toast... the capital one venture card. fly any airline, any flight, anytime. double miles you can actually use. what a coincidence? what's in your wallet? [ all screaming ] watch the elbows ladies. >> brian: president obama seems to be pulling in key swing states. ohio, president obama leading mitt romney 52-44. and in florida electoral votes. 29 in all.
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mitt romney trails 51-47. can mitt romney regain his lead and what is causing the trend. dick morris is fox news contributor and author of screwed. dick, you believe the story is what is behind the numbers. >> i don't think the numbers are accurate. i think there is a fundmental error going on in the polling by the media organizations. not by rasmussen and it shows romney one behind in florida and one in virginia and obama gets the undecided and could be ahead. but the difference is. they are using the is 2008 turn out model. huge latino and college students
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and viewwer elderly . that model happened for one year only. 2008. it didn't happen in 10 or four. and they are wrong for applying it. it is true if the people who voted in 8 as in 12 obama will get elected. >> brian: does it explain the trend. they were closer even with the same science? >> well, i don't believe that, i believe what they are doing is reweighting the data. that would not establish a trend. the accurate polling which is no reason to go to the polls. go to the accurate one. rasmussen shows the race within a point or two in each of the states . by the way, the trend in rasmussen and in my own poling
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is that romney was doing foin in august and fell back because of the democratic convention and recovered at end of last week and now even . that is the reality. if the election were held today. romney would carry ohio, florida, nevada, virge virge and a shot at wisconsin where i am today. and would win over 300 electoral votes. the media is deliberately or inadvertantly and wrongly showing the race to be different. >> brian: new york times and washington post using that science having him trailing in all three . nationally everyone said it is a dead heat. dick, stick around. we have to talk to you more. coming up there is no doubt about it that the attack in libya was an act of terror, why does the president blame a
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movie. dick morris has an idea. >> and ending up in the trash. how did that happen. how did that happen. ♪ ♪
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>> coup elf quick headlines. brand new video of riots out of spain. demonstrators storming parliment and they are ticked off about the prime prime's austerity plan and tax hikes.
6:24 am
there is live pictures coming in from greece. workers walking off of the job because politicians agreed on more spending cuts. >> and the hybrid car receiving disastrous reviews. one exploded in flames in california because of a recalled battery. >> steve: meanwhile the attack on americans in libbia was an act of terror. president obama still blamed an anti-muslim movie again. >> that's what we saw play out in the last two weeks. it is a crude and disgusting video and sparked outrage in the muslimb world. now, i have made it clear that the united states goverent had nothing to do with this video
6:25 am
and its message must be rejected by all that respect our common humanity it is an insult to muslimbs and america as well dick, the president did not mention terrorism. romm rom did in the clinton global initiative. why does the president do that. he takes credit for osama bin laden and ending al-qaida? >> he can't admit that al-qaida can pull off that operation. because he killed bin laden and others and now al-qaida is dead. obama gets caught in the traps where he insists on stuff that is implausible like the health care reform is not a tax but a fee . attack in libya were spontanous
6:26 am
outrage because of a move yedove tails with a tendency of his and not his fault that there was not adequate security in the consulate and not his fault that the arab world exploded in demistrations and him bending over back ward toz be nice. no tis because of a move yepastor in florida. >> gretchen: doesn't it only matter how the voters see that. they like him and vote for him isn't that all that matters? >> unfortunately it is not what matters. what matters is how the muslim extremist see it. they see it as apiecement and invitation to more attacks. in terms of the voters, there is a major move in the last few days or week and half of security moms, to the republicann ticket. in 1996 when i worked for
6:27 am
clinton we created the soccer mom phenom nom. mothers who focus on raising their children and liked clinton's value. 2004 security moms who wanted tougher terrorist activity. and they are back. the world is seeing incredeble nii'vet. and i preach to a standard that i want to be the rest of the world will follow suit. we are seeing that. >> brian: look at this poll. rasmussen voters are u.s.y aralations with the islamic world worse or been are the. most islamic polls say the same. once thought george bush was the problem. and polling show no difference. >> yeap.
6:28 am
and considerable united states aid and military intervention in libya all of that has done nothing to change our image in the muslim world. the point we have to understand. they respectt toughness and regard this concil fory and nice speech at the united nations but an invitation to do it again. >> brian: thank you so much, dick. >> thank you. >> gretchen: coming up, the president said he is responsible for 10 percent of the economic problems that. is not true. steart varney breaks it down. >> steve: a lot of people walk down that hall. and dacota meyer like when he put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger. >> brian: happy birthday olivia
6:29 am
newton-john. she's 64. >> gretchen: you both look amazing. ♪ ♪ let's get physical. ♪ let's get physical, physical. yeah. physical. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] you can always measure the growth of your children by the way they clean themselves in the bathroom. try charmin ultra strong. with a new duraclean texture, charmin ultra strong helps you get clean. plus it's four times stronger than the leading value brand. and you can use up to four times less. good news for even the biggest kids in the family. we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra strong?
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four years ago i made a videotape and i looked in the camera and this is for you sweetheart. i will never do this again and i showed it to him and he looked at it. he said. you know ann you say that after every pregnancy. [applause] >> this is true. >> gretchen: she was also making the rounds on the late night talk show. >> brian: she pushed him to run and give a shot and get the nomination. we'll see how that chapter ends. the leader of libya said the anti-islamic film had nothing to
6:34 am
do with the deadly attack on the consulate that kill would ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. >> it was a preplannned attack and not in reaction to a controversial movie? >> no doubt. >> do you think that the movie had anything to do? >> not on this. it has nothing to do with it. >> brian: she said that is not the answer i need. he said more than 40 people were questioned. remember the obama administration said the attacks were linkked to protest and were spontanous . said it was self evident what happened in benghazi a terrorist atack. toss to steve. >> steve: thank you, brian. it was supposed to go to a sick person but a good kidney wound up in chicago. the nurse accidentally threw the
6:35 am
kidney in the garage and didn't realize it was put in sterile solution. it was poor oversight. one nurse was fire another nurse resigned over the incident. >> gretchen: want to keep your welfare benefits. keep your students in school. if they miss more than 10 days of class. family checks are cut off. critics say it is punishing the poor. >> i think it is very unfair and very stupid. i mean, it doesn't make sense. >> it matters, if you are not going to school and doing what you are supposed to with your kids, how is the future going to work. >> new rules start in october 1st. there is a plan to get benefits back once the kids turn to school. >> brian: another look at stupid criminal file .
6:36 am
an 18 yore old attempting to car jack this porsche. after seeing a police car he bolted on foot. he face 2 years in prison and a new fine. >> steve: look at what is going on in the weather. we have widely scattered showers in new england and down in the northeast and cross the ohio valley and back to mississippi and missouri valleyy. and rain in south florida. current temperatures 73 in tampa. we have the same in the gulf coasts and 73 in san antonio. mid-60s in the midplains and chilly in the norgern plainns with 30s . northern reaches of minnesota at this hour . currently in big town of new york city at 65. >> brian: 24 minutes before the top of the hour the president
6:37 am
sat down with 60 minutes, he took responsibility for the defictexplosion kind of. >> as president i bear responsibility for everything to some degree. >> the national debt went up 60 percent. >> i came in office. i inner hadited the biggest deficit in our history. the last four years it went up and 90 percent is consequence of two wars that were not paid for and tax cut that is were not paid for . prescription drug plan not paid for and worst economic crisis since the great depression. that accounts for 10 percent of the increase in the deficit. >> brian: front page of the new york times. stuart rather thaney it is over one trillion. every budget when they do the math he is over budget by a trillion dollars.
6:38 am
>> gretchen: he said 10 percent. wars and the horrible recession he was begin that only accounts for 10 percent. >> yes. >> gretchen: what about the other 90 percent? >> steve: george bushes fault? >> gretchen: i am anding a question. >> you are exposing the attitude of the establishment media to all of president obama and his economic record. break it down. the president said i am only 10 percent responsible for a massive accumulation of debt. he is a big spender, a very big spender and that's the principle reason why we have a massive deficit of trillion a year. he has raised government spending the latestleast of modern presidents. but he raised it 23. look at pure obama areas, he is the biggest spending since president truman.
6:39 am
>> steve: what is interesting george bush 3.2. spending up 3.2. over lap bush and obama 10 percent . the cure obama years. 10-13. that is 23 percent increase. >> steve: why didn't you make that available to people of 60 minutes. >> would they have use today? i don't think so. >> brian: it was carried over with interest. and he's only responsible for 10 percent of the deficit that is being pened on him. >> you can juggle around the numbers all you like. he said it was the bush tax cuts that created the deficits we have today. i disagree with that. those tax cuts are 10 years old . when they were put in place in 01 and 02 revenues to the overnment and treasurel went straight up and allow us to cut
6:40 am
your deficit to scen billion. >> gretchen: he approved the bush tax cuts. >> he approved them two years ago. >> steve: we don't have a tax problem but washington has a spending problem. >> that is accurate . we have a poor recovery of the u.s. economy because of the failed policies of the president. if you had a more robust economy you would have less of a devit. >> steve: the plan that current president made available to what he would do in the next four years. >> he claimms a several trillion in deficit reduction over the next 10 years. that's not a flat out cut in the debt or deficit. that is a slowing in the rate of growth in the rate of deficit and those cuts come many years down the road. >> brian: thank you, stewart we'll watch you at 9:30. >> gretchen: crying babies on a
6:41 am
plane. one airline came up with a solution. >> brian: president obama pulled ahead but larry sabido who correctly predicted the electionn said that is not going to last long in virginia. ♪ i'm yours . ♪ ♪ here i am, baby. how can you get back pain relief that lasts up to 16 hours? with thermacare heatwraps. thermacare works differently. it's the only wrap with patented heat cells that penetrate deep to relax, soothe, and unlock tight muscles. for up to 16 hours of relief, try thermacare. but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels speeds relief to your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant for your stuffy nose. thanks. that's the cold truth!
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>> brn: california is the third straight to driverless cars. new testing on public roads as longg as licensed drivers were at the wheel and take over should the safe drivers be retoired. loww cost airline offering baby free quiet zones.
6:45 am
air asia and thailand and indonesia only allow people 12 and over on that part of the plane. >> steve: fantastic . both presidential candidate in ohio tryying to get the most from the crucial swing state. where do they stand in the swing states today. he has predicted every presidential race of his career creckly and he never lets us forget that. good morning neal harry . >> i even got grover cleveland right the second time >> chris: show off. look at swing states. if you believe the main stream network mitt romney is in the dust. look at how you had the survey last week. this is this week now. this is, you can see obama people are learning toward obama
6:46 am
in iowa and michigan and nevada and ohio virge virge and wisquis and tie in colorado, florida and new hampshire and lean mitt romney north karl. so what is happening. >> it is obviousthey had a tough week or 10 days and those things show up in polls, but sometimes polls are lagging indicators. steve. a media poll came out showing a land slide obama win in florida. i don't believe it. i don't know what a poll shows in the end of september. but all of the fundmentams in florida suggest to me a close competitive race and that is one that governor romney must have to get to 270. he needs florida. and i would caution people that polls in the end of september are worth what you personally pay for them >> steve: that's
6:47 am
right. they are free. one of mr. romney's polsters said don't believe. runn away in florida and way away in ohio for mr. obama, and we saw by the graphic, larry . mr. obama has more leaning his way than mr. romney. according to the internal romney polls, they are within the margin of error in florida and ohio. >> yes, essentially it depends on your model, steve and depends on how you project the likely voterss electorate in november. and so if you define the electtorate being lower minority you will come up with a higher romney score and higher minority it is better for obama. there is a lot of ways to play with the numbers. but steve, i want to caution
6:48 am
your viewers. don't pick or choose among polls and don't just pick the ones you like . take averageses. and remember the election is 47 days away. every day in october is worth six in september. >> and next week is going to start the important week of mitt romney's quest for president and that would be the debates. first time people have seen mr. romney and obama interacing for 90 seconds at a time. and goodness knows they have practiced enough. and it is an important moment particularly for governor romney. everyone has seen president obama a thousand times over the last five years. mitt romney has been seen but not in the context of the presidency . that's what a debate is. it gives a challenger an opportunity to stand toe to toe
6:49 am
with an incumbent president x. we'll see if all . practicing pays off. >> don't be surprised if the polls after the debates. larry has a speech in baltimore at lunchtime. thank you for joining us live. >> thank you, steve. >> steve: straight ahead. admit it. you have a favorite child. wait until you hear what is happening to a father who admitted that. an american hero who tried to take his own life. dacota myer system here next with a story that no one heard until now. good morning. ♪
6:50 am
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>> gretchen: he risked his life runningback and forth to gather the remains of his fallen friend exercise his act saved the life of 15 afghan sold yerse. dacota meyers received the medal of honor . here to share his book first hand battle of the afghan war. good to see you. >> deplad to be back. >> brian: you were a working man and you got the call of medal of honor recipient because of what happened in the battle. your reaction? >> it was one of the worst days. i am getting a call and receive a medal of honor something you don't feel like you deserve it for. president called and i was on a job site and i almost missed the
6:54 am
call because i missed my lunch break and it was over . he was later when he called. finding out i am receiving something i didn't ask for. >> brian: it was big are than you. >> yes, now it makes sense. i want to try to make a difference and provide inspiration and make sure they never, never die and they live on forever. >> gretchen: one of the reasons you felt that way and not worthy of that. you were going through emotional struggles trying to deal with all of this, right? >> yes. getting sent off home early was tough and coming back and knowing that you failed your own guys. you failed them and they lost their lives and you lived, what are you supposed to do, what if question. >> brian: talk about that battle in particular. going through an airport you are
6:55 am
going through area anyway. you guys are down and you know penned down and you defied orders and went back five times >> five or six. we talk about it in the book. what do you consider trip may not be what consider trip it is all what you see. i didn't talk about the story much when the medal of honor was going through and i was doing the media tour. people would come out and talk about it it is why i wrote the book. i put it in my word and my account. you know. >> gretchen: is very permanent story. one of the personal things that you shared is the posttraum attic and how you slept with a gun on your chest and moved back in with your dad and drinking too much. >> way too much. >> gretchen: you are determined to take your own life and you go in the car what happened?
6:56 am
>> i was driving down the road . i was, i was at rock bottom and i was going down the road and i was tired of being a burd own my family and i was tired of it all. and it just seemed like the easy way out. i pulled over to the side of the road and i pulled one of my guns out and i put it to my head and squeezed trigger. how it was not around in it i don't know. obviously somebody had taken it out. it sobered me up . at that point in time, i told myself. i have to figure this out. i have to figure this out. because if i would have killed myself. that was the most selfish thing i could do. >> brian: right and loudest click you can possibly imagine. >> it was. loudest click. >> gretchen: now you decided to help others? >> i went from that day and i
6:57 am
started. i asked myself. why do i feel this way and why -- is wrong with me. and it made sense. i was selfish. >> brian: now you know. and we'll continue that conversation on the radio later. go out and get his book "into the fire." . >> gretchen: more "fox and friends" straight ahead. ♪ srpgpp@p
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>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is wednesday, september 26. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for sharing part of your day with us today. from calling 911 an inside job to talk about wiping israel off the face of the earth, what kind of things can we expect today from iranian president ahmadinejab? he's set to speak in front of the u.n. today. >> brian: after you tack on our consulate -- attack on lib i can't say an act of terror, why is the president talking about the movie? inform this father sparking outrage because he's not afraid to admit that that father has
7:01 am
got a favorite child. wait a minute. does everybody have a favorite or not? "fox & friends" hour two for wednesday starts right now. >> steve: remember the smothers brothers, part of their act was mom always liked you best. that's part of what we're going to talk about with this guy who admits he likes one of his kids more than the other. >> gretchen: it's different when it's a comedy scene and when it's actual eon paper and on social media for your kids to see. >> brian: you know you're the lucky one if you're not the favorite. it gives you angst, because everybody day i'm ranked number two. avis embraced that image. >> gretchen: you let us know what you think. all eyes on the united nations.
7:02 am
we're hours from now, ahmadinejab expected to call for a new world order. the speech comes a day after president obama spoke before the same audience trying to up the pressure over their nuclear program. peter doocy with the details. good morning. >> good morning. today will be ahmadinejab's last speech to the united nations general assembly as the president of iran. in new york, he's told the associated press that a new order will hopefully eliminate the distance between his country and the united states. so he -- who he says follows an international policy of bullying. when president obama spoke yesterday, he said keeping nuclear weapons out of iran needs to be a top priority, but that there is no need to use our military yet because he says there is still time to see if sanctions will slow them down. >> make no mistake a nuclear armed iran is not a challenge that can be contained. it would threaten the elimination of israel, the
7:03 am
security of gulf nations and stability of the global economy. it risks triggering a nuclear arms race in the region and unraveling of the nonproliferation treaty. that's why a coalition of countries is holding the iranian government accountable. that's why the united states will do what we must to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. >> the president's remarks came as anti-american protests raged overseas. he told world leaders that now is the time to figure out why things are so tense between the arab world and the west. but that even if an american made movie upsets a certain group of people, free speech will always be protected and valued in this country. >> let me be clear just as we can not solve every problem in the world, the united states has not and will not seek to dictate the outcome of democratic transitions abroad. >> so president obama will not tell protesters abroad to stop doing what they're doing. but he says he will continue to
7:04 am
speak out forcefully against violence and extremism. back to you in new york. >> gretchen: peter doocy, thanks very much for that update. in the speech he still didn't call libya a terrorist attack. it's interesting to me that the obama administration and the spokesperson finally said that it was a terrorist attack last week, but the president himself in several interviews and now this speech is not calling it a terrorist attack. is there a deeper mean to go that? is it sort of having it both ways, that you have your spokesperson say that it was, but you still don't say that it is? i'm not quite sure, but it's interesting to note that he doesn't say it. >> steve: i think part of it is the fact that he's taken a victory lap on -- and spiked the ball when it comes to foreign affairs and foreign policy. for him to admit, yep, there was a terrorist attack on my watch, we did have warnings and our ambassador was murdered, that's not helpful to his reelection campaign. >> brian: but he did say america was attacked. he didn't say september 11. he doesn't link it to terror,
7:05 am
but he did say for the first time we were attacked on tuesday. >> steve: sure. so what's going on with the president? john sununu, great defender of presidential nominee mitt romney, he was on with hannity last night. he had this to say about the president's reaction. >> look, let me tell what you the big problem with this president is, in my opinion: he is absolutely lazy and detached from his job. when he doesn't go and attend 60% of the detailed presidential daily briefings that come from the c.i.a. and thinks he can just skim the summary paper on his ipad instead of sitting down and engaging in what i -- i was in a white house with george herbert walker bush. he took that brief every day. george w. bush took it every day and i believe that bill clinton took it every day. this president thinks he's smarter than those guys and he doesn't have to engage in the
7:06 am
discussion. that's the most important half hour of the day for a president who has to protect the security of the united states. >> gretchen: it's interesting because when you ask people what is the most important role of the president of the united states, that's usually the answer that's given by historians, to protect this nation. so in that essence, john sununu probably not going to get much criticism for that statement, but should he go to these things in person? turns out now he is going to all the intel briefings since it came to light that he wasn't. >> brian: i like -- yesterday the republicans are saying he's not being direct in saying the difference between the two. he said flat out. it was a terrorist attack. al-qaeda assassinated our diplomat. that's an act of terror. the white house does not want to admit it and it is trouble to go a group of senators who got together and not only want to know why the president is not being more candid, but want to know if rice was more candid if she indeed got the intelligence they all have and went and lied
7:07 am
to the american people saying it was a spontaneous protest with rpg's. that's how you show up. it beats a magic marker. this is an excerpt that fox news obtained. >> steve: they write: we are also disturbed by the public statements made by the members of the administration that would lead the american public to believe that this attack was a protest gone wrong rather than what it truly was, a terrorist attack on the anniversary of 9-11. decades after al-qaeda attacked our embasses in east africa which catalyst the convenience, it appears they executed a highly coordinated and well planned attack against us again. the other thing about what the president did yesterday when he did not mention terrorism, he kept blaming the attack and the murder of our ambassador on that movie. it didn't have to do with the movie. they were already organized. there were no demonstrations outside of the consulate before
7:08 am
the rampage started. >> gretchen: it's a fine line between whether or not you're actually bringing extra attention to a movie the more you keep talking about it, or if it's actually doing anything to dissuade activists and terrorists and the like and protesters in these countries from continuing their protests. >> brian: that was letter to the president, fox news was able to on the. our investigators just got on the ground, we understand yesterday, and they didn't even going to benghazi, they're in tripoli. why so slow? let's get more news. >> gretchen: headlines now, because there is extreme weather to tell you about. two tornadoes ripping through towns in illinois, this one touched down near oakaville. this blew a semi onto its side. you can see the item cloud. trees uprooted, couple of barns depletely demolished. >> it was pouring down rain and started hailing, and then everybody -- it was a mess. >> that car right there got the back window busted out and right over the overpass, the house got
7:09 am
tore up. >> gretchen: we're ohm a few days into fall, but some people in colorado skipping right to wintertime. snow falling up in the mountains there, some ski areas got several inches already. a convicted killer executed last night in texas. cleave foster convicted of helping his roommate kill a woman and hide her body. the roommate wrote a note on his death bed acting alone and foster had nothing to do with the murder. foster insisted his innocence. he said in his final words, when i call my eyes, i'll be with the father. god is everything. the wrong team, according to many, still wins. the nfl upholding the seahawks win over the packers monday night. the controversial call still has fans, players and even congressman paul ryan frustrated >> did you guys watch that packer game last night? i mean, give me a break.
7:10 am
it is time to get the real refs. you know what? it reminds me of president obama and the economy. if you can't get it right, it's time to get out. >> gretchen: league officials did say the seahawks wide receiver should have been called for offensive pass interference before the catch. >> brian: he pushed off. >> gretchen: mitt romney is campaigning in the state of ohio. he'll get a boost from jack nicholas at a reallily. -- rally. he's hoping to get a bounce from president olympic? >> if there is one thing we've learned in this election season, by the way, it is that a few words from bill clinton can do a man a lot of good. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: romney speak yesterday at clinton's annual global conference. what he's alluding to is that over the last six months or so, bill clinton disagreed with president obama's main policies on the economy and taxes, and that could be seen as a help to mr. romney. >> brian: mitt romney is apparent and this is the story
7:11 am
about being a favorite. do you have a favorite? i never heard it admitted. in terms of a kid, i have notates. steve, can you say the same? peter is listening. >> he is listening and so are any other childrenment do i have a favorite? no. are there times when one of the other children might be bugging me more than the others? perhaps. take a look right there. that is a picture of a canadian radio show host named buzz bishop. here he is -- this all started, he blogged that, quote, if i were to be absolutely honest, my oldest son is the favorite of the two. why did he say that? here is buzz bishop. >> need to take that language and call him my favorite? he's just the one i relate to easier and if that means he's my favorite and those are -- that's the language, i don't think that's too evil. >> gretchen: i understand this, okay, especially from a father's perspective because i think dads really get into parenthood, guys
7:12 am
speak for me if i'm wrong -- when you can actually, like he said, do stuff with the kids, when they go from blob to actually being interactive a little more. here is where i think this is problematic. the idea that this is out there now in social media, totally different than it was even ten years ago. that little baby is going to grow up some day and people are going to say, hey, this is what your dad said about you. i don't think it's that smart to get it out there. it's one thing to tell your wife when you go to bed at night, hey, the kid really bugged me. my favorite today was such and such. >> steve: the whole story about i've got a favorite is he's talking about how he and his girlfriend at a time when he was married to another woman, found themselves with this unexpected pregnancy. they went through with it. the child has grown up and he's been a delightful young man and been very happy. >> brian: put it this way, the other kid knows, at least he's top two.
7:13 am
if off favorite f so, write us. we'll announce it to your family. >> steve: this guy has faced a lot of backlash. do you think it's so bad he admitted he has a favorite? meanwhile, can you answer this question? how many college graduates can't find a job or are underemployed? mr. herman cain is up next with a startling answer. >> gretchen: some call the pc police. who banned the words mother and father because it's offensive now to same sex couples? >> there are reports that president obama is getting ready to release about one third of the prisoners being held at guantanamo bay. which gets even worse, when you hear they're all going to work as replacement refs for the nfl ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing a stunning work of technology. introducing the entirely new lexus es.
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looks good. [ male announcer ] fedex office. now save 50% on banners.
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>> steve: we asked you before the break, what is the
7:17 am
unemployment rate for 16 to 24-year-old kids these days? those who have a degree but can't find work. >> gretchen: here to help us with that and the answer, former presidential candidate herman cain. he's headed to campuses all across america to deliver a hem to kids. you've been on the show before to talk about this mission. what are you finding out when you go to the college campuses? >> i got to tell you, first of all, it's very encouraging, the college students, they realize that hope and change is just smoke and mirrors. there is no confusion about what's on their mind, getting a job. and they realize that it's tight. so i get to ask you all questions today which is why i got up so early to do this. >> gretchen: first answer the one we posed about the unemployment rate for people who get a degree. >> the people who get a degree, over 50% -- 53% of the people who have bachelor degrees cannot find a job in this economy. now, here is the interesting
7:18 am
thing about that particular one, when i ask business owners and at our noon luncheon, do you jobs, they say? then i say, are you holding back on hiring because of the environment? they say absolutely. these young people are being denied. over 53% can't find a job even with a bachelor's degree. >> brian: you want to ask us a question? >> yes. the question i want to ask you, if you look at the unemployment rate for the 16 to 24-year-olds, what is the unemployment rate for that group, which includes the college students versus the national unemployment rate? >> gretchen: i'm going to say c. >> steve: 11, 14 or 16. i'll go with gretch, the bigger number. >> brian: i'll go b. >> you're absolutely right. the unemployment rate for young people 16 to 24 is twice that of the so-called national average of 8.1%. that is a startling number.
7:19 am
>> steve: how about another question? >> then the other question is: if you were to consider the four years that most college students spent to graduate this year, 2012, how much did the national debt increase while they were studying for four years? >> gretchen: 2.2 trail, 4.6 trillion. i'm going for c again. >> let me tell you, you are brilliant. 6.1 trillion. to go with the c is absolutely right. the national debt has exploded while these kids were going to school. let me tell what you i'm learning. i've spoken to over 1,000 students over the past three weeks. we are going to be at michigan state university tonight and here is what i'm hearing from these students, based upon their reaction and ha they're telling me directly: number one, they are concerned about this economy because they can't find a job. and they realize that this economy is stalled.
7:20 am
they also realize that some major changes have got to be made in washington, d.c one of the reasons we're focusing in on the youth vote and college students is because if you look at that 20% of the voters that are going to be the swing vote to determine this election, young people are going to play a major role. so this is why we decided to focus in on the college student as part of our truth tour. >> steve: the great thing about your quiz is that it depicts exactly how bad things are for kids this college. unfortunately, while they may say, okay, maybe i shouldn't vote for mr. obama, then they got these liberal professors who say you've got to vote for him one more time. real quick? >> yeah. but these kids are a lot smarter than some of those liberal professors. they are not listening to them. our audiences have been getting bigger and bigger, the more we've gotten into this tour, which is encouraging. that's been very encouraging on the campuses we have been visiting. >> brian: have a great time on the college campus.
7:21 am
we'll talk to you again soon, we hope. >> thanks, guys. >> gretchen: coming up, the attack on our consulate in libya was an act of terror, but the president still talking about the movie instead. >> the crude and disgusting video sparked outrage throughout the muslim world. i have made it clear -- not in this economy. we also have zero free time, and my dad moving in. so we went to fidelity. we looked at our family's goals and some ways to help us get there. they helped me fix my economy, the one in my house. now they're managing my investments for me. and with fidelity, getting back on track was easier than i thought. call or come in today to take control of your personal economy. get one-on-one help from america's retirement leader. i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade.
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7:24 am
>> steve: time for your news by the numbers on this wednesday. first, $1.7 million. that's how much u.s. airlines collected in bag fees in the first half of the year. it's the largest amount ever collected in that six-month period. okay. just don't lose them now. next, $199. that's how much the new nook from barnes & noble is going to set you back. new features include a nook video streaming service and scrapbook feature that let's
7:25 am
users save content like magazine pages. i like that. finally, 25,000 bucks. that's how much this touching photo of a man lulling his dog with arthritis to sleep has raised so far. it went viral a few months back. the man has started a charity to help other dogs in need. that's nice. brian? >> brian: terrorists launched the attack that killed four americans in libya. the white house confirmed it, but the president still won't say it directly. so is blaming the movie another way of apologizing to the muslim world? is that what you got from the speech? david is the author of this book, radicals. david, do you believe the president doesn't get it or is choosing not to acknowledge it? >> the president is a radical. he has supported the muslim brotherhood's take over not only of egypt -- >> brian: they had a fair election, people would say. >> yeah. sure. they had a fair election.
7:26 am
the fact of the matter is that he pulled the rug from under mubarak who was our ally and then when the muslim brotherhood came into power, they had promised they were going to observe the constitution. they were going to observe the democratic process, be a burrough gated the constitution, have turned egypt into an islamic state under sharia law, freed display herey, the al-qaeda leader now, his brother was reloosed from prison, led those demonstrations against the u.s. embassy. and the president -- the muslim brotherhood is behind these anti-american demonstrations. the president addresses the u.n., he attacks the film maker. >> brian: are you saying the president sympathizes with the muslim brotherhood? >> absolutely. the chief advisor on foreign affairs is a muslim brotherhood operative. their whole family of muslim brotherhood, she spent 12 years before she went to the state --
7:27 am
>> brian: they deny it. >> they denied it. >> brian: there have been 27 hits on different embassies and the president has not really addressed that. >> he's not defending us. he's not defending israel. ahmadinejab is -- the president gives a speech on tolerance. ahmadinejab has called for the extermination of the jews, is sitting in the audience, he never mentions that. he mentions this poor guy who made the film that nobody saw because it's just a trailer and had nothing to do with these protests. >> brian: do you believe that israel -- do we believe allude barak who says this administration is a great friend of this -- >> obama is an enemy of israel. he has made israel the prime focus -- >> brian: did he give him the missile defense system? >> yeah, he gave him that. look. the president of the united states can't come out and declare israel a public enemy.
7:28 am
he can't do that. particularly in the democratic party which has a lot of jews voting for it. so they give their military help, but they isolated them and put all the pressuren israel instead of putting it on egypt, on iran, on hamas, on the plo. he's given 2 1/2 billion dollars to the muslim brotherhood in egypt. he's given half a billion dollars to the terrorists and the palestinian terrorists who called for the extermination of the jews. >> brian: david horowitz, it's safe to say you're not pleased with the speech you heard yesterday from the president? >> that's true. remember, when he came -- right before he was elected, he said we're five days away from fundamentally transforming the united states of america. he is a radical. my book is about the radical mind. i spent my whole life -- i was a radical and studying them. >> brian: you researched it and it's all in the book. thanks so much for coming in. >> thank you. >> brian: coming up straight ahead, we told but it yesterday.
7:29 am
was an american high school marching band order to do pay tribute to the russian revolution? there is a big update on this story. even the russians don't pay tribute to their revolution. then, you see him all the time right here on "fox & friends." did you know that dave ramsey was a self-made millionaire by the age of 26? he's here with his famous daveisms like this one. you can use your own american dream. dave ramsey is coming up next. he's always smiling my doctor told me calcium
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common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. it helps to have people around you... they say, you're much bigger than this. and you are. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> he's a dancer? >> you know, jay, he's gotten to be a better dancer. >> that's political answer. boy, that is a political answer. i saw him dance when he came out at the republican convention and, well, here, take a look. ♪ >> that's mitt! >> that's him at home. >> that's how he is all the time at home. >> steve: i wonder if ellen will invite mitt romney on to her show because that is where she wound up having the now president do some dancing and it was very helpful. >> brian: i don't know if mitt
7:34 am
romney is going to go on letterman. i know that. i think he's kinds of signing off there. >> steve: i wonder if "the view" will invite the romney family? >> gretchen: i don't know. that's a loft questions this morning. here is a question for you, what do you think about these polls? check out what's happening in ohio now. big swing state. president obama ahead 52% to governor romney 44%. our own carl cameron who has been on the road on these campaigns for many years, he interviewed mr. romney about being down in the polls as he heads to ohio today. here is what he had to say. >> we are now exactly seven weeks from the election. here you are in ohio where the polls say you trail. how do the two of you close this gap? >> polls go up and down. we have plenty of time with the debates coming up, four in the months of october. we'll be taking our message to people across ohio and i think they understand, this is an election about the choice of what kind of america we're going to have. if it's going to be an america dominated by government, why, that's the course the president has put us on. if we're going to pursue -- help
7:35 am
people pursue their dreams, that's what we'll bring back. >> brian: polls out in florida, in ohio, in pennsylvania, and virginia. that wasn't the case even a month ago. >> steve: there are some on the right who say the reason mr. romney is way down is because the screen that the pollsters use heavily favors the democrat. and in the last month or so, some polls had as many as 10% more democrats polled than republicans. i sent an e-mail to scott rasmussen yesterday and i asked what the breakdown was on how many republicans and democrats he does right now because many regard him as the most accurate. currently rasmussen polls 38% democrat. 36% republican. and 2026% -- 26% independent. so democrats, by two points in the rasmussen poll. >> gretchen: it's interesting because i think this story becomes bigger because what do these poll results do to the psyche of the american public when they continue to see these
7:36 am
polls? is there some sort of a subliminal message there that if you keep seeing obama on top, obama on top, obama on top, you know, but it's worth asking that bigger question because it's more, i think, than just these daily numbers. i think psychologically, there is a big question there as well. dick morris weighed in on this earlier on our show. >> these pollsters are using the 2008 turnout model that was a totally unique turnout. huge african-american, huge latino, huge college students relatively fewer elderly. and that model happened for one year only, 2008. it didn't happen in 10, it didn't happen in 4 or 00. they're wrong for applying it. >> brian: the other thing is that may be the case. rasmussen may be more right than wrong the bottom line is i think mitt romney has to spend more time in the battle ground states and that's what he has to be doing for the next few weeks and he's doing it with paul ryan.
7:37 am
they're back together after a month apart. that's interesting strategy. >> steve: that is a bit of strategy. we'll talk to one of the advisors to the romney-ryan campaign. he'll be coming up about an hour and ten minutes from right now right here on the fox news channel. >> gretchen: here are the rest of the headlines this morning. this morning thousands of people will gather outside the united nations protesting ahmadinejab's speech to the general assembly. one of the people expected in the crowd, rudy guiliani. he just one of many lawmakers fed up with the u.s. policy on iran under the obama administration. >> on issues like iran's nuclear power, this guy has drifted for four years, wandering around without crippling sanctions on these people and we're going to end up one day -- with a nuclear power that there that is mischef advice, it will scare everyone. >> gretchen: ahmadinejab expected to call for a new world order in his speech. >> brian: we'll see how that goes over.
7:38 am
fox news alert, live pictures from greece. workers walking off the job in protest. they're mad because politicians agreed on more spending cuts. more happened in spain. listen to this. >> (gun shots). >> brian: result of no jobs. this is brand-new video shows demonstrating there storming the parliament building. they're ticked off about the prime minister's austerity plans to cut spending and tax hikes. >> gretchen: so long, mom and dad. france reportedly wants to ban the term, mother and father, from all government documents replacing them with the word parent. the proposal is part of its same sex marriage legislation. under the law, parents would be used in marriage ceremonies for all heterosexual and same sex couples. it's up for approval on october 31. >> steve: who will know who is the father? >> brian: we're not really sure. we're work out the details.
7:39 am
>> steve: did you know dave ramsey was a self made millionaire by the age of 26? he learned serious lessons along the way and that's why we invite him every wednesday to answer your financial questions. >> brian: 26, he didn't want any part of us. now he'll talk to us and joins us now from his base in nashville. hey, welcome back. celebrating 20 i wouldn't others in radio -- years in radio. how did it all start for you in radio? >> well, like a lot of things, it was kind of a happy accident. the irony is that my on a show actually started on a radio station that was in bankruptcy. so they couldn't pay anyone, so we worked for free. they gave us some radio ads to trade out. i think the spot rate was about 6 bucks a spot. wasn't worth much. >> steve: we were driving across portions of florida and georgia over the weekend and i listened to your show and it's great. i noticed you dropped in occasionally daveisms, like live like no one else so later you can live like no one else. saw so much stuff, the kids
7:40 am
think they're next. gazelle intensity and sell the car. these are some things that are daveisms that are very effective because you can tell exactly what you're thinking. >> brian: for example, the first one, live like no one else so you can live like no one else. what does that mean? >> obviously you got to pay a price to win. sometimes you have to sacrifice and cut your spending and work harder and not buy things so that later you can have a quality of life. the other thing we always say is if you live like no one else later, you can give like no one else. but you got to pay a price to win and sacrificing works. >> steve: what about the one, sold so much stuff, the kids think they're next? >> we figured out that the people we're able to lead out of debt and literally now it's millions of them, they share this common tray of unbelievable intensity. so they literally take their lifestyle to scorched earth to where their broke friends think they're crazy. so we just say sell so much
7:41 am
stuff, you get started on -- put the dog on ebay and cat on craigslist. >> brian: right. my dog is listening now. he's quite upset. gazelle intensity? >> well, in the bible it says that if you've gotten yourself into debt, deliver yourself like the gazelle from the hand of the hunter. i found a video clip of how it runs when the cheetah is chasing him. we coined this idea that if you want to get out of debt, you got to be running like the cheetah is chasing you. again, back to that passion, that intensity because the more passionate someone is about their goals, the deeper they'll sacrifice to hit their goals and the quicker they're able to hit them. >> steve: one of the things about your show is so many people call up with the most jaw dropping financial circumstances and you just have to think, how did they get into that kind of financial fiasco? what are the most common questions people call up with? >> i think these days, one of them is that their house is
7:42 am
under water and those are sad questions and they're stuck, they can't pay the payment. they can't get these loan modifications through that the obama administration has put out there. it didn't work. and there is some people really stuck. those are really, really sad ones. of course, there is a lot of family questions where people call up and the brother-in-law, he wants to borrow $200 for the 17th time to pay his electric bill 'cause he can't seem to get his act together. so how do we not be an enabler in our family? how do we not cosign for junior who won't get a job? it ends up being life and money, as much as it is a dry money show. >> brian: congratulations on 20 years. and we're glad you're in new york as well. so congratulations. >> thank you guys. thank you very much. i appreciate you having me. >> brian: no problem. dave ramsey show, catch it all the time everywhere. 18 minutes before the top of the hour. it's the new movie about parents who, quote, won't back down from the schools failing their kids. up next, a mom whose story was used in the movie and says it's time for a parent revolution. >> steve: and military voters in
7:43 am
one swing state were told to submit ballots a week after the deadline. what? dirty politics or just a mistake? >> brian: the aflac trivia question. born on this day in 1981, this american tennis player is the first ever to win a golden grand slam in singles and doubles. who is this? be first. >> steve: male or female? >> brian: i'm not telling. >> steve: darn it. it says ho is she? -- who is she? [ male announcer ] when this hotel added aflac to provida better benefits package... oahhh! [ male announcer ] it made a big splash with the employees. [ duck yelling ] [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] ♪ ha ha!
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7:46 am
>> brian: headlines now, occupy wall street protester off to prison for two years for having a gun at a new york demonstration. joshua fellows told police he had the gun because he was, quote, went with his look. good answer. is there a second one to choose from? a pennsylvania school apologizing for their half time show commemorating the russian
7:47 am
revolution. the school says they dropped the st. petersburg theme and they will no longer use hammers and sickles. good decision. gretch? >> gretchen: thank you, brian. in the new movie that's coming out this weekend "won't back down," two moms joined forces to take on their children's failing schools. >> you need to fix adams and we need to fix it yesterday. [ cheers and applause ] >> last night, seven out of ten kids who left can barely read. there are people out there designing and building prisons and those people are looking at our schools and they're figuring out what kids are going to drop out so they know how many prison cells to build. you know what i want to say to those prison folks? hands off my kid! >> gretchen: our next guest was interviewed for in movie because
7:48 am
she and her daughter have lived this story. she's coordinator of the desert trails parent union in california and she's my guest. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: so tell me what your struggle was with your child and what you wanted to happen when she went to school. >> well, my daughter was a slow learner and she struggled with reading and we put her in special day class so that she could get caught up with the rest of the students 'cause she was a repetitive learner. she didn't catch on as quickly. the intention was never for her to stay in the classroom. unfortunately, it ended up she stayed there for far too long and fell really far behind and last year she started fifth grade for the second time reading at a second grade reading level. by the time she got to winter break, she was able to read at a fourth grade reading level. i just wondered what happened? what happened all those years
7:49 am
that she was in those classes? >> gretchen: you're not alone because a lot of parents asking the same question. it's my understanding that your school is in the bottom 10% of the country. what did you decide to do to take action as a group of parents together? >> we're not bottom 10% of the state. but what we decided to do as a group of parents, we all got together and we decided to contact parent revolution and through them, we learned to -- we were able to organize our parents to take surveys and find out what we would like have happen at our school. from that, we circulated petitions and we turned them into the district to make the improvements necessary for our schools and our children to achieve. >> gretchen: it's my understanding that now you are working to put together your own kind of school system that the parents will be in charge of. and this movie emulate what is you have gone through in desert trails. thanks so much for sharing your personal story with us today. >> thank you. >> gretchen: his devotion to serve as soldier left him unable to walk and he ballooned to more
7:50 am
than 300 pounds. but he was able to fix his back and lose 100 pounds with the help of diamond dallas page. they both join us live next. first on this day in 1995, fantasy was the number one song [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do. [ male announcer ] sounds good. energy is being produced to power our lives. while energy development comes with some risk,
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7:53 am
>> brian: aflac trivia question, serena williams. the winner is from nevada. he served our country as an army paratrooper. after years of jumps, he was told by doctors he would never walk again without the help of a cane or a brace. >> steve: his weight ballooned to more than 300 pounds. then he turned his life around
7:54 am
when he discovered on-line a challenging yoga program designed by former pro-wrestling diamond dallas paige. today arthur borman is 140 pounds lighter and not only can he walk, he can run. and he did that in the studio today. >> brian: he's right here. diamond dallas paige, yoga founder and -- excuse me, you're the ddp yoga founder. how did he influence you? >> he got me to live again. i mean, he gave me back my life. any height, that weight. i was going to die. >> brian: we're watching video of you. you were just thinking that's it. why do i take care of myself? >> exactly. >> brian: what is it about seeing dallas that got you? >> he told me what i was doing was hurting my family. it's going to leave my kids without a dad. >> steve: that's enough for most fathers. dallas, you put together a special yoga program that's
7:55 am
different than a lot of that stuff you see with stuff. >> it's called ddp yoga. it ain't your mama's yoga. i'm just saying that to be funny, but at the same time, it's for people who wouldn't be caught dead doing yoga or wouldn't have all the stuff, but want the positive feel. >> steve: arthur, you were in such pain after you left the service, you ballooned up to that huge size and now you have been on the program and found it on-line. you yahood it and now you can do amazing things. could you just show us a little bit of your amazing flexibility? >> let's show folks the foldover. your foldover first. he was here at this one point. now today, that's flexibility. either one of us. >> take that baby down and roll up. this is core strength. being able to stay here and talk to you and grab your foot and pull it over your head and have a conversation with you, this is core strength. arthur, go into that split that you do. >> steve: he can't do the split. >> yeah.
7:56 am
>> steve: come on. >> brian: whoa! >> this was a guy who was 10 pounds, balking with knee brace, back brace and canes. today with ddp yoga, he can run. >> brian: what a great story. where did we find out more? >> i'll be at pure yoga friday, saturday and sunday. if you really want to seat detail of arthur's story, there is a movie coming out called "inspired, the movie." steve, you directed it and it has his whole journey from the get go. when i saw what he was doing and how hard he was working, i called steve up and said you want this -- >> steve: if people want more information, they can also go to our web site. >> brian: every class doesn't end with being thrown into the turn buckle, does it? >> no. we do a lot of moves. >> steve: thank you very much. arthur, congratulations. >> brian: that hurts just watching. coming up, military vote increase one swing state were told to submit ballots a week after the deadline.
7:57 am
dirty politics or just a mistake? >> steve: yeah, just a mistake. then the main stream media seized on mitt romney's 47% comments, but are they choosing to ignore recent gaffes by the president? what about the bumps in the road? bet you didn't hear that on the other channels. ♪ [ male announcer ] every car we build must make adrenaline pump and pulses quicken. ♪ to help you not just to stay ale... but feel alive. the new c class is no exception. it's a mercedes-benz through and through. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. yeah, i'm looking to save, but i'm not sure which policy is right for me. you should try our coverage checker. it helps you see if you have too much coverage or not enough, making it easier to get what you need.
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i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. it put me at ease that you could smoke on the first week. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. if you have a history heart or blood vsel problems,
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tell your doctor if you have new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. with chantix and with the support system it worked. it worked for me. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is wednesday, september 26, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your day with us today. from calling 9-11 an inside job to talk being wiping israel off the face of the planet, what sort of things should we expect today from iranian president ahmadinejab? he's set to speak in front of the u.n. and it will happen hours from now. >> steve: the attack op our consulate in libya was an act of terror. why is our president still talking about that dumb movie? >> the crude and disgusting video sparked outrage throughout the muslims world.
8:01 am
i have made it clear that the united states government had nothing to do with this video. >> steve: guess who is not talking about the video. the president of libya. wait until you hear what he's saying about that and let me give you a hint. he disagrees with our president. >> brian: you thought the nfl replacement refs made a bad call in seattle in torturing us for the past throw weeks. what kind of call got them fired from the lingerie football league? some of the lingerie players, not only that, quarterbacks here live to explain. >> steve: good booking. >> brian: "fox & friends" starts right now. >> steve: you're right, brian. the replacement refs is the number one thing people are talking about, aside from politics. >> brian: people are disappointed, especially people that lost, they say cumulatively over a million dollars changed hands in that game in particular.
8:02 am
>> gretchen: 300 million. >> brian: i was thinking of myself. >> steve: the refs and apparently the nfl are only $3.3 million away. it's a $10 billion industry, the national football league. >> brian: they're talking about something we've talked about before. they don't want to switch pensions to 401(k)s. that's what is the biggest sticking point. we've talked about that. they say they want more certainty in their retirement. >> gretchen: you hear those refs right now, you're laughing all the way to the bank. they've got more leverage than anyone could have ever expected after that call monday night. >> steve: the president of the united states weighed in on the replacement refs yesterday. i wonder if mr. ahmadinejab is going to weigh in today when he takes the lectern at the u.n. general assembly. he's going to call for a new world order. yeah, good. >> brian: i wonder if we're going to stick around? a lot of times we walk out on these. >> steve: we do. >> gretchen: people who are there in attendance? >> brian: yes, with the head sets on. >> steve: the israelis walked out a couple of days ago, united states sat right there. it's interesting, yesterday when
8:03 am
the president of the united states was there, once again he did talk about freedom of speech, but he kept talking as well about that dumb movie and he is claiming that dumb movie -- blaming that dumb movie on what killed our ambassador. if you missed part of the speech, here is 40 seconds of it. >> i know there are some who ask why don't we just ban such a video? the answer is enshrined in our laws. our constitution protects the right to practice free speech. here in the united states, countless publications provoke offense. like me, the majority of americans are christian and yet, we do not ban blasphemy against our most sacred beliefs. as president of our country, and commander in chief of our military, i accept that people are going to call me awful things every day. and i will always defend their right to do so. >> gretchen: see, i think that the president is kind of wanting
8:04 am
this both ways on whether or not he actually says it was a terrorist attack that killed the ambassador in libya because initially the administration said no, they didn't have enough details yet. then his spokesperson last week said yeah,s without a doubt it was a terrorist attack. but the president, when he's been asked this in interviews and even yesterday hasn't implicitly said yes, it was a terrorist attack. so it leads to you believe that he doesn't really want to be on record as saying that it is, even though -- maybe it's been discussed that some people in the administration will say that it was. but he personally doesn't want to be on record as calling it that. >> brian: one thing staggering. just to think -- i love the fact he brought up ambassador stevens' name was brought up. but the other thing that is amazing is we've had 27 embassies hit in a matter of three or four days. yet it's even up in the air like with is to blame for that. i don't care how many people are involved. 27 different embasses have done that. whether it's the video, whether
8:05 am
it's aid or whether it's this or that, the fact is we're gotting blamed. you can not label our foreign policy successful. you can not say our image has changed when 27 embassies get hit with the same -- death to america and burning our flags. >> gretchen: it's easy to say it was this movie that sparked everything. it's interesting -- >> brian: they're saying death to america, not we don't like the movie. >> gretchen: i know. but i'm saying if you look at it on its face, you can just say that it was the movie and then you move on to the next topic. you don't really dig into what the foreign policy is. >> brian: we'll take 26, let's say for the film. the one where ambassador is dead and three navy seals came to his rescue and almost saved his life and they lost their lives, that's different. that's a terrorist attack. that's not my word. that's the libyan president's word. listen. >> this was a preplanned attack. not a reaction to a controversial movie.
8:06 am
>> yes? i have no doubt about this. >> do you think the movie had anything to do with this attack on the consulate? >> not on this. has nothing to do with it. >> gretchen: he said that from the beginning. remember when this first happened a couple of weeks ago, he in that country, he was saying that this was a planned attack and it was the united states ambassador to the united nations, susan rice, who went on the sunday talk shows and said basically he was lying. >> steve: the tell, though, was the fact that outside the consulate, in other parts of the middle east, there had been some demonstrations about the movie. the rampage started long before any demonstration outside the consulate. for the president not to call it terrorism himself, you know, he is running and you look at the polls and he does better than mitt romney when it comes to foreign policy. for him to admit, yeah, there was terrorism on my watch that, is not helpful to his story that he got bin laden and he's got things under control. >> brian: you can't take credit for the libyans rising up and
8:07 am
chasing out these militias in different areas and say this was not the militias who perpetrated the attack. that means they folded an entire country, including the tribes. newt gingrich was asked directly, he answered directly, the difference between -- on greta last night, between a hillary clinton approach to this and a president obama approach. let's listen. >> hillary clinton is a serious person. barak obama is an ambitious person. they're very different personalities. hillary clinton actually gets up every day thinking about public policy. barak obama gets up every day thinking about barak obama. they're very different approaches to life. i think those of us who are his critics need to get over it and understand, this is who is president. this is a man who in the age of false celebritihood is sort of the perfect president because he's a false president. he's a guy who doesn't do the president's job. he's had 39% of the briefings on
8:08 am
intelligence. he goes to las vegas while there is an attack in benghazi. >> steve: yeah. remember during the campaign four years ago, it was -- the question was, who is ready to take that 3:00 o'clock in the morning phone call? hillary clinton winds up taking a lot of them because she's the secretary of state. >> gretchen: ironically, that was her ad against president obama during the democratic primary when many people thought she would be the nominee for president. >> brian: the most effective ad in 2008 was when they cat gorized president obama as a celebrity. remember, that's when newt gingrich is saying there. >> gretchen: fox news alert for you now, live pictures coming from greece at this hour where workers are walking off the job in protest. they're mad because politicians agreed on more spending cuts. the country is broke. much of the same happened in spain overnight. this is brand-new video.
8:09 am
demonstrator there is storming the streets near parliament. they're ticked off about the prime minister's austerity plan to cut spending and tax hikes. close to 40 people were arrested. 64 others were hurt. it's official, the referee's botched call at the game was apparently fair? the nfl now says it will uphold the bad call that put seattle ahead of green bay as the clock expired. the decision devastate to go packers fans, especially paul ryan. >> you guys watch that packer game last night? i mean, give me a break. it is time to get the real refs. you know what? it reminds me of president obama and the economy. if you can't get it right, it's time to get out. >> gretchen: nfl league officials did say that the seahawks wide receiver golden tate should have been called for
8:10 am
offensive pass interference before the catch. but no change in the score. it's interesting, though, because that would be a 15-yard penalty. the play would be called back. i guess they wouldn't get another chance because they had possession, right? >> brian: yeah. it would be an incomplete pass. >> gretchen: that would be the end of the game. ann romney making her first appearance on the tonight show. she talked about the campaign trail, her five sons and then she called mitt chief? >> would you say he is frugal or cheap? >> cheap. >> cheap? [ laughter ] >> really cheap. okay. >> yeah, you want to know what does he when we leave the house? he turns off the hot water heater. >> he turns off the hot water heater. >> do you know what he does when we come back? he forgets he's got to turn the hot water heater on and he says cold showers, they're not that bad. >> gretchen: wow. ann says they still have a checklist in the house that reminds them to turn it back on. >> steve: she also says they really love to go to costco.
8:11 am
let's talk a little bit about this, we talked a lot about voter fraud. there is a group called true the vote. what they did was they look at the entire state of florida and they're voter rolls. so they ross referenced the entire state of florida with only 10% of the state of new york because a lot of people in new york are snow birds and go down to florida. as it turns out w only looking at 10%, there are 1700 people who are registered in both new york and also in florida and it's against the law to vote in both states and apparently they turned up 31 cases where apparently people had done that and they turned in the names to the proper authorities. >> gretchen: these were absentee ballots. you got to wonder if -- they say it's the tip of the iceberg. what do you think about that? military vote increase wisconsin were told to submit their ballots a week after the deadline. so how would that work? they weren't told in time to do it. that's lot of vote increase the state of wisconsin, which is definitely a swing state right now. it has since been fixed, but if
8:12 am
people would not have spoken up, there might have been quite a few votes not counted. >> brian: i thought this election is going to be elected on voter fraud. we need to find out when they're voting and actually redress why people are voting early. 30 days early when you have four debates left to go. >> steve: they say it's within the margin in so many places. so it's important that every vote count and it's important that every vote is legal. >> gretchen: just ask senator al franken about votes and i think it was decided with less than 200 votes. all right. want to collect welfare? now there is a catch. one state adding a controversial condition to that. we'll tell but it. >> brian: then the president claims he's the best candidate to help the middle class. but the middle class might not be buying it. our political panel standing by to explain. they're getting here just in time does your phone give you all day battery life ?
8:13 am
8:14 am
droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4g lte network, and motorola, droid does. get $100 off select motorola 4g lte smartphones like the droid razr.
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8:16 am
>> gretchen: welcome back. both candidates making a play for the middle class support with ads like these. >> when mitt romney dismissed 47% of americans for not pulling their weight, he attacked millions of hard working people making 25, 35, $45,000 a year. >> the trillions and trillions of dollars of deficits? >> the deficits and debt that we're leaving for our grandchildren. >> the massive unemployment. >> doesn't have to be that way. >> it doesn't have to be this way. >> gretchen: a new poll out by george washington university finds that mitt romney is winning the battle for the middle class with a 1 point edge -- 1 point edge. the man behind la last ad is part of our panel today.
8:17 am
he's president at an organization aimed at educating americans about wasteful spending. karen el i can't tell house is a former white house journalist publisher. good morning to you. you put out that ad. i was actually startled by that poll result that showed mitt romney was 1 points ahead with -- 14 points ahead with the middle class because this has been central to the campaign message of president obama, that he's the guy that relates to the middle class. >> that's right. you saw in that ad that we went around and talked to middle class voters across america and we talked to only people who voted for president obama. all in the middle class, all around this country. they're all changing their vote to mitt romney because of these issues, jobs and the economy, and they have seen that mitt romney's plan for a stronger middle class will work. so that's why these folks are changing their position. >> gretchen: sasha, i thought mitt romney was the out of touch rich guy? >> i do, too. >> gretchen: no, no, that's how he's been portrayed. but he's 14 points ahead with
8:18 am
the people who are middle class! >> it's interesting what you said in terms of what he's laid out is better for the middle class because i think that's actually exactly why he is doing better with them is because the details aren't out. when you hear the "60 minutes" interview, he said the devil is in the details. that's right. when people hear what he actually wants to do, they're against him. that's why he loses with women, with hispanics and starting to lose or lost his huge edge with seniors, because everybody knows where he is on those. >> gretchen: it's interesting because when the middle class vote railroads asked what's the most important issue to them, they say overwhelmingly, you know, that it's the economy, it's spending, it's taxes. so karen, are they going to learn more about mitt romney in these debates? are they going to like him more, do you think, or less, as sasha says? >> he better lay out more in the debates because he has -- anyone who -- with this level of unemployment votes to reelect
8:19 am
obama deserves the huge debt and greater unemployment we're going to get. >> gretchen: brian, what about the mentalling? in this particular poll, the only area in which obama led romney was in the impression of standing up for the middle class. i think that's so important because we've talked so frequently about how important simplistic messaging is. why is the obama campaign winning in the messaging but not necessarily in the issues? >> sure. that's right. the voters we talked to, and you can see this at why i changed my, they talk about how beautifully president obama speaks. but they're disillusioned. one guy said it's about the actions. it's not about just the words. so the specifics are there. they have laid out a number of specifics. when you look at the unemployment, debt numbers, that's what people are caring about and they want to say, where are the jobs? so the romney plan calls for 12 million new jobs. the woman in that ad says i believe mitt romney is the guy who can turn this country
8:20 am
around. so that message of how you turn the country around, i think is where governor romney needs to go in the next seven weeks. >> gretchen: we got to wrap it up because we have another topic after the break. president obama said the convenience in the middle east are just bumps in the road. the main stream media let that slide. some of the nfl's replacement refs were so bad they were fired by the lingerie league. two players from that league here with all the details. i wonder who will do that interview remember.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> steve: more headlines for you on this wednesday morning. another federally funded green energy flop. fisker's pricey karma, hybrid car, receiving a disasterous review from "consumer reports." the magazine says the karma is plagued with flaws, including bad battery that led to that car fire. bad karma. obesity threatening our national security. a new report from retired military leaders finding that 27% of young people do not qualify for the military because they are simply too fat. the group wants vending machines removed from schools. they think that's a step in the right direction. gretch, over to you and the panel. >> gretchen: weeks after the terrorist attack on the consulate in libya. the president had this to say about growing unrest in the middle east. >> i was pretty certain and continue to be pretty certain that there are going to be bumps in the road because in a lot of these places that one organizing principle has been islam.
8:25 am
>> gretchen: while mitt romney has called out the president for what he and others on the right say are callus comments on the loss of american lives, bump in the road, the media has been pretty much silent on this. is the president getting a pass for these and other questionable statements? let's ask our political panel, brian baker, president of the ending spending. sasha burns, democratic political strategist and karen elliott house, former "wall street journal" publisher and author. karen let me start with you on this since it seems you would have something to do with foreign policy in your former job and with your new book. what do you make of the fact that the media seemed to give that comment a pass and quite frankly, many would argue, other comments the president has made? >> the media, i think, is working overtime to convince the country that the election is over, so the tendency is to focus on romney's, quote, gaffe on what happened at the embassy in cairo and not on the fact
8:26 am
that -- whether it's bumps in the road or any of these, quote, gaffes, it's not the gaffes that matter. it's the substance of the policy in the middle east that matters, and we are neither respected nor feared in the middle east anymore because the president continues to refuse to use the terrorism word. so all it does is make people in the region who need to either fear or respect us think we're naive. >> gretchen: sasha, why will the president not call it a terrorist attack? >> i think what we learned from romney's comments immediately after the attack happened were that what you need to be as president or as inspiring president is to be diplomatic and you're dishes and careful. and -- >> gretchen: we know it's a terrorist attack. >> what the president says matters to the entire world in terms of what's going on behind the scenes diplomatically and what we're doing. there are plenty of things going
8:27 am
on. >> gretchen: what about the point that if you would call it a terrorist attack, you would actually maybe get a better result in the middle east? >> i think that we will find judging from president obama's foreign policy success so far, that what he is doing right now has been work to the best that it can be and will continue to. >> gretchen: brian, is that is it that he doesn't want to mar the reputation he was the guy who took out osama bin laden? >> absolutely. this is a president who refuses to accept responsibility. the other part of that interview was when he blamed 90% of all the problems in his administration on former president bush. with president obama it's literally 10% of the buck stops here. that's inexcusable. that's why people in america are saying they don't want four more years of the same. that's why they're starting to really take a hard look at mitt romney. >> actually, they're saying that this is a choice election. when you look at pretty much across the board, they're saying, i'm not choosing romney. >> no, that's not true at all. in the prior panel we talked about the fact that mitt romney is leading among the middle
8:28 am
class. >> what will happen in the middle east issue is before the election, obama will whack somebody, you know, to take responsibility -- even accounts with libya. he will do a nice drone attack on somebody. >> gretchen: interesting. >> and try to restore i'm presidential. i lead. and meanwhile, he not only leads from behind, he hides behind. >> gretchen: interesting point of view. i got to wrap it up there. thank you. it was supposed to go to a very sick person instead of perfectly a good kidney ended up in the garbage. how did that happen? some of the nfl replacement refs were so bad, they were fired bit lingerie league? two players from that league here with all the details i'm jessica and this is my emergen-c.
8:29 am
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keeping up with the kids is tough, so i drink emergen-c. with vitamin c for immune support and b vitamins for natural energy, i'm ready for whatever they get into. get your free sample at stay healthy and feel the good.
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>> replacement refs have a new slogan, close enough! that's find. he have been is complaining about that. i saw something more disturbing. did you see the interview with the quarterback, what's his name? russell? yeah, yeah. after the game, it's not the interview. it's what's going on behind him. take a look. >> we practice that all the time. >> watch this. >> they never give up.
8:33 am
>> look at that! the refs are partying with the seahawks! what is that all about? >> brian: as don pointed out, that might be a bad call burks don't give up eight sacks and expect to win. seattle did look better. >> gretchen: that's the most diplomatic packer response i've heard so far. >> brian: he's very level headed. >> steve: and brian, speaking of the replacement refs, shortly you'll go outside and interview a couple of professional quarterbacks from a league that apparently some of the guys who are currently reffing were kicked utah of. >> brian: as a deference, shortly steve will talk to ed gillespie and he's a political mind -- >> gretchen: i'm going to be with rocco despirito. i'm going to find out dishes from the real mamas of italy. >> brian: weigh see -- we'll see how he feels about the lingerie football. now a fox news alert. you're looking at pictures of
8:34 am
the united nations where in less than three hours from now, iranian president ahmadinejab will make a speech. he's pushing for a new world order. i'm sensing he doesn't like us at the top. wendell goler live at the white house with the latest. >> you got that right. all indications are that iranian president ahmadinejab will make his final address to the u.n. security council a condemnation of u.s. bullying and a call for what he considers to be a new world order. that's what he wanted to talk about in an associated press interview yesterday. not iran's nuclear program or the u.n. sanctions that have crippled its economy, or the upheaval in syria with iran accused of supplying weapons to basha al assad. this is ahmadinejab's final year in office. he's really not as popular at home. the sanctions left iran with a 25 to 50% inflation rate. his 2009 reelection triggered claims of fraud and protests that were violently put down by police. ahmadinejab says his country is better off despite the sanctions
8:35 am
and he says the nuclear issue is a nonissue, just the u.s. imposing its will. president obama in an address yesterday that focused mostly on the need for democracy, free speech and tolerance in the arab spring took some time to level a warning at iran and explain why it can't be allowed to develop nuclear weapons. >> would threaten the elimination of israel, the security of gulf nations, and the stability of the global economy. it risks triggering a nuke leer conclude conclude nuclear arms race in the region. that's why a coalition of countries is holding the iranian government accountable. that's why the united states will do what we must to prevent iran from obtain ago nuclear weapon. >> mitt romney says mr. obama hasn't been tough enough on iran or supportive enough of israel. ahmadinejab will almost certainly take time to criticize israel, which he refuses to say it by name.
8:36 am
warning a preemptive strike if it senses an attack coming. the head of the jensenly asked them to tone down the rhetoric. >> steve: we'll see if they do that. thanks for helping us out today. the rest of your headlines on this wednesday morning, it was supposed to go to a very sick person and instead, a perfectly good human kidney ended up in the garbage. it happened at the university of toledo medical center. according to a report, a nurse accidentally threw away. she didn't realize the kidney was put in the sterile solution because she had been on a break. the report blames poor oversight and communication. the hospital surrendered their kidney transplant program. one nurse was fired already. >> gretchen: want to keep your welfare benefits? then keep your kids in school. that's a new rule for parents in michigan. if they miss more than ten days of class, the family's checks are cut off. the state says it's trying to make kids more successful.
8:37 am
the critics say it punishes the poor. >> i think it's very unfair and i think it's very stupid. i mean, it doesn't make sense. >> it matters. i mean, if you're not going to school, if you're not, you know, doing what you're supposed to do with your kids, how is the future going to work? >> gretchen: the new rules start october 1. the state says there is a plan to work with families to get their benefits back once their kids start returning and going back to school. >> steve: meanwhile, let's talk about extreme weather. two tornadoes ripping through towns in illinois last night. one touched down near oakaville. they left a lot of damage, blowing that semi over onto its side, tying up traffic, trees uprooted as well. a couple of barns blown away. >> it was raining and started pouring down rain and then it started hailing and then everybody -- it was a mess. >> that car right there got the back window busted out and right
8:38 am
down the road over the overpass, the house got tore up. >> steve: let's travel out to colorado where snow already fallen up in the front range of the rockies. some ski areas got a couple of inches already. >> gretchen: a dad taking some heat for admitting he has a favorite child. the important point is that he broadcast it for everyone to see over the internet. buzz bishop posted in a blog he favors his five-year-old son zachary over his two-year-old son, charlie. bishop writes, if i were to be honest, my five-year-old is the favorite. he and i are adventure ous, partners in crime and i can't imagine life without him. bishop says he loves both boys equally and has no regrets about what he posted. we asked what you you thought about it. blake says, everyone has a favorite. they may not admit it, but they do. idiot tick announce it to the world. tom writes, i have five children living in five states. each is my favorite child from their home state. very diplomatic. >> steve: brian kilmeade is outside with two guests.
8:39 am
i wonder if he has a favorite. brian? >> brian: steve, good point. let's relive this moment. 14-12, the time score. seattle comes out on top because our referee believes that tate pass brought that ball down and it was not picked often by the packers defensive back. the push was not called. the catch was. that is the call and it outraged everybody. why? because replacement refs have taken over this league because the referee union has not come to terms with the nfl on a new contract, new pension plan and how many refs are going to need in their union. joining us with two lingerie football stars. one of the reasons we loved having you on, we feel like you were the first show, we launched you guys. thank you for joining us. kristy bell and jackie. when you watch that play, we have found out later that a lot of these referees reffed in your league and some were fired? >> yes, they definitely were in our league for a while. two to three years at least, and you know, things are getting out of control in our league. >> brian: so you girls -- you
8:40 am
sensed a lack of discipline in your league? >> definitely. a lack of safety in our league and the nfl now. >> brian: when you watched that play now, what do you see? >> it's a joke. >> yeah. >> it's definitely a joke and the call definitely, i say went our way for sure. >> brian: ball being spotted in the wrong places, field goals that don't count and taking a lot longer, wouldn't you say? >> games are going over four hours and it's ridiculous. >> brian: you're watching this game. you look down and seeing the referees that are in your league that are on that field. what is that like? >> i guess for them, it's good for them. but i mean, they're not in our league anymore. they're calling all the same plays. it's like they would with us. >> brian: i will say this -- >> unfair plays. >> brian: mike is on espn, his brother bob just texted me. he owns your cleveland franchise
8:41 am
and he says if there is lfl referees in the nfl, even the ones hired, it's a disaster for the league. >> absolutely. >> brian: you guys watch a lot of football, too, right? >> oh, yeah. >> brian: what's the big difference between the game you're watching and the game you're seeing officiated before and after? >> i mean, it's totally different. the calls are definitely, as you said, they're taking much longer. we don't know what's happening half the time. they don't know what's happening. they're going to the coaches and finding out what's happening half the time, i feel. and the safety of the players is at risk. it's a much higher risk now because -- definitely face mask, horse collaring, helmet on helmet kind of. nobody is being called. the refs are trying to watch the game more. >> brian: thanks so much. ted made a pass at you earlier, didn't work. let's see if he can complete this one. jackie, go out for a pass on this? i know you're a quarterback, and then we'll toss it back inside. >> gretchen: so many puns, brian. >> steve: yeah, that's the kind
8:42 am
of pass ted threw. >> brian: who would want to intercept that? i know you're both quarterbacks. >> steve: talking about the girls outside. thank you. straight ahead, ohio is a must win state for both candidates. right now mitt romney, according to the polls running behind. why? romney senior advisor ed gillespie here next
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> steve: back to approximately ticks, all eyes on ohio for a swing state showdown. mitt romney and paul ryan they're on a bus tour while president obama is campaigning in the buckeye state as well. what is the swing state's strategy on the romney side? let's talk to senior advisor, ed gillespie who joins us from d.c good morning to you. >> good morning, thanks for having me. >> steve: if you look at the main stream media, the big headline is according to their polling, mitt romney is, what, five, 8 points behind barak obama right now. is that the same kind of polling
8:46 am
you guys are finding with your internal? >> it is not consistent with our polling. i'm struck by a couple of things. one, three swing state polls out today and in every single one of them, they have a democratic voter participation that is higher than the participation in the electorate in 2008. i don't know anyone on the ground in any of these swing states who believes that there will be a higher democratic percentage of the electorate in 2012 than in 2008. yet, in every single one of these surveys, there is a higher percentage, which explains how it is that the governor, governor romney, could be tied or leading with independents in those polls and yet losing the net poll to president obama. does not make sense. >> steve: well, joe trippi was on our air in the last 24 hours and he talked a little about how the polls are skewed, yet there is something the republicans have to do. listen to joe. >> it's true that 2012 will be different than 2008. but it's also true that if you tried to base your 2008 models
8:47 am
off of 2004, that wouldn't have worked either. if i were the republicans, i would look at this as a big warning sign. good news, it's 40 days out or so. so you've got time to do something about it. if you start to deny, deny does not change the problem. >> steve: okay. he's a democrat and he wants his guy to win. what do you make of that? >> look, he's right, you have to model your own turnout, make your own assumptions. we have professionals who do this for a living. i always say we live in reality, not reality tv. and the fact is in terms of our ground game, our targing of voters, in a state like ohio where obviously both governor romney and paul ryan are today, we feel confident and will win the electoral college come november. >> steve: do you buy into this theory, and there is some people on the right who say, look, main stream media is going to talk down romney's chances of winning. they're going to show mr. obama way up in the polls just to tamp
8:48 am
down enthusiasm so republicans go, you know, why even bother voting because it's a foregone conclusion the guy will get four more years? >> we have no whining rule in boston about coverage in the media. like i said, we deal with the facts. i think this is such a big choice election and the voters see that we have a choice for a future of stagnation, chronically high unemployment, falling household incomes. four more years like the last four years because president obama made clear, he's not going to do anything different. he's going to double down on these big spending policies, or we can have a different path. the path that mitt romney and paul ryan are putting forward where we can have a dynamic pro growth economy that allows for upward mobility, where you don't have 15 million more people on food stamps or record number living in poverty. we think that big choice will overcome all of this horse race political analysis you see in the media on a day-to-day basis. >> steve: real fast before you go, don't you believe, and don't
8:49 am
the folks in boston believe once the voters see mr. romney and mr. obama on the stage together at the debates starting next week, that is going to start to move some polls? >> i think that is a unique opportunity where tens of millions of voters will get to see each of the candidates for the presidency side by side. size them umer up for themselves. not a have a 30 second ad tell them what they should sneak or see a snippet on the evening news. they'll get to see mitt romney engaged themselves. what it is he stands for and his record and leadership. >> steve: ed, always good to have you. thank you for joining us today from the dc bureau. >> thank you. >> steve: all right. straight ahead, lasagna, that looks delicious. it's under 350 calories. same for fettucini alfredo.
8:50 am
they're delicious. first, let's check in with bill hem who are is hanging around earlier because he thought we had free food. >> we're still counting on that. when you're done, send some down the hall. >> steve: not a problem. >> good morning to you. there was breaking news again from overseas. protesters are back in the streets. we will show you where today. also questions about the day and what happened, grow by the day about what happened in libya. mitt romney's jumping on this issue. some lawmakers allege a cover-up. karl rove on that and more and ed rollins on the state of the race. we're 41 days before america votes. martha and i will see you in ten minutes on "america's newsroom"
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> gretchen: pasta dishes are a must have comfort food and what if you could indulge for 350 calories.
8:54 am
>> steve: our next guest says it's true, you can have your lasagna and eat it, too. >> brian: joining us is celebrity chef himself, author of the new book, now eat this, rocco despirito. welcome back. >> nice to see you. >> steve: my wife preordered the book on amazon. i've tried six of the recipes. they're fantastic because you figured -- we have a picture. >> look how it's work. >> steve: this is what she made last night. it looks just like in your book. >> amazing. if she were here, i would kiss her on the lips. >> gretchen: wow! >> it's so beautiful. congratulations. >> steve: because you figure it's a great way to cut the fat. >> yeah. i cut the fat, calories and still make it taste good. while i'm talking about the pasta, try the cannoli. have you ever had one that you've eaten and not felt guilty. >> gretchen: can i try it. >> let's start with dessert. this is low fat ricotta, mass capone cheese -- mascarpone,
8:55 am
stevia, sweeter than sugar, completely natural. it's in the hippy section of the supermarket. and a little marsala, mix it up. put it in a piping bag. should be good. taste it. >> brian: here is the cool thing. >> you want to try it? >> brian: no, i'm all right. >> he hates my food. >> brian: here is the problem, everyone is telling us, don't eat pasta, it's too much carbohydrate. >> there is a way to eat pasta. the simple carbs they use to make it are what you should avoid. this is 100% whole wheat, and it's good. this recipe is in the book. feel that stuff. >> steve: it's soft. >> it's soft and tendser. >> steve: look at the numbers because that really tells the story. >> normally 1220 calories. 75 grams of fat. my version, 287 calories.
8:56 am
this dish, 68 grams of fat. my version is only 307 calories and 9.5 grams of fat. >> brian: it's the type of cheese president pasta? >> it's everything. we take it apart and put it together in a new and better way. >> gretchen: what does your mom think about these recipes? >> she loves these meat balls. she says they're better than hers. i never heard her say anything like that. >> gretchen: she said hers were a lot of calories. >> they're delicious. 250 calories each. and these are only 45 now in the new book. >> steve: my wife made those two nights ago. fantastic. i had leftovers yesterday. >> you did real research. >> absolutely! i'm going to write it off the cost of our show. >> brian: this guy, you're ready for it. >> steve: can you stick around? >> sure. >> steve: more with rocco two minutes from now. that's amore, baby! >> brian: which is good does your phone give you all day battery life ?
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